Ayurveda for a stronger mind.

Oct 12 , 2020

Ayurveda for a stronger mind.


Ayurvedic tactics to enhance a modern lifestyle

It’s not just the pandemic that has cases on the rise, but hypertension, diabetes, and weight problems that are somehow related to cardiovascular diseases is also on the rise. Did you know that apart from Covid 19, right now, cardiovascular disorders are one of the major cause of all deaths worldwide? Pre Corona virus, heart diseases were estimated to take more lives than the next seven leading causes of death combined. As our lifestyles became more and more modernized over the last few decades, such diseases have surfaced and taken over as one of the primary cause of concern for us.  

Heart related disorders are discussed under Hridroga in Ayurveda. Hridaya or heart has been referred to be the site of a person’s psyche. Any kind of psychological or emotional imbalance causes an irregularity in the functioning of the heart. Hence, it has been told to protect the heart from every kind of stressor. Modern medicine takes a somatic approach to it where in the they focus directly on improving the physical functioning of the heart. Ayurveda, however, provides a holistic approach with 5 different regimens, which have been translated to fit the modern understanding. 


Panchakarma: Bio-purification of the senses

Do you know what plaque is? You might have heard your dentist telling you what it is – it’s the useless, decomposing bacterial material in your teeth that causes infections and other issues. Similarly, there are different form of plaque stored within our guts due to food that does not digest properly, and even in the blood vessels running across the body. It has come to a point where disorders of the heart affect our senses and thought processes. 

Ayurveda recommends cleansing your system internally at the change of every season to reduce the toxic plaque levels from your body. One simple method to start your own cleanse process is to watch your gut! 

What you need is a supplement that not only invigorates bowel movement, but just like the beliefs of Ayurveda, focuses on more than one region and aids in creating a healthier you. Cannaflam is a hemp-based, organic solution that helps stabilise Irregular Bowel Syndrome and helps you keep a healthier heart. With that, your mood and your senses will feel more lively! 


Rasayana: Rejuvenation

Application of organ-specific Rasayana herbs also provides enough scope not only for prevention of disease, but also for the promotion of health and cure of disease too. Most of the heart diseases are caused due to clogged up blood vessels in the body. It’s basic and yet, modern medicine still struggles to help in regulating the blood cholesterol. Part of the problem sure is the modern diet that isn’t the best for our body, but one major part of the solution can help you there. 

Guggul Tablets have such a focused approach towards regulation and speeding up the elimination process of cholesterol. That may be its primary function, but the result, just like Ayurveda, are holistic. 

  • With lower cholesterol, our weight can be managed. 
  • With our weights managed, our joints would feel lighter and livelier. 
  • With increased mobility and lighter body, will come pride and happiness towards self. 


Dincharya: Having a routine in the centre of your hectic life

It sure is easy to try something new and healthy, but it is an entirely different game to maintain the habit. Gym memberships spike in the month of December and January of every year but the regularity always sees a major dip in the following months. 

Stress and Stamina may be two of the major concerns as we struggle to start that routine that we have been waiting to do so for a while. 

Ayurveda suggests that Ashwagandha helps in regulating the hormones that create stress in our mind, and once the hormones are regulated in our mind, it’s all on our stamina to keep up with our will. Try out our 100% Natural Ashwagandha Tablets, that add vitality to your body, relieve you of stress and help you go over the obstacles of creating a healthy habit. 


  • Aacharya Rasayana: Creating and sticking to our code of conduct

Whether it be through our genetics or upbringing, our lifestyle is a product of our code. A code that shows in the form of our habits, behaviour, dietary preferences, and other patterns based on experiences from our childhood or mimicries of some gained from those who are around us. 

Ayurveda suggests that we can choose our own code, how we want to feel and what we choose to remember. When this control and/or co-ordination is disturbed, it leads to a disturbance in lifestyle. Much like Ayurveda, we suggest the use of Brahmi Tablets that are essentially like a healthy energy drink for our mental functions with no side effects or crash. Brahmi can help you enhance memory and concentration, all the while reducing your stress levels. 

As Vedi Herbals, we hope to become the trusted brand for your healthy, natural, organic and Ayurvedic related information. After all, a science that has held true to its purpose over thousands of years, is something worth believing in. We believe we can help you find some more Ayurvedic Tactics that can enhance a modern lifestyle. 


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