10 Effective Ayurveda Tips for Recovery from Cold and Flu this Monsoon

10 Effective Ayurveda Tips for Recovery from Cold and Flu this Monsoon

10 Effective Ayurveda Tips for Recovery from Cold and Flu this Monsoon

Varsha Ritu (Monsoon) is when the parched lands are quenched by abundant showers. These are the months of growth and welcoming new life in nature. But monsoon also brings its own share of illnesses. Influenza and cold being the most common ones.

It is in our nature to rush to the doctor at the onset of symptoms and quite often we are prescribed antibiotics. But, why ingest some chemicals to get rid of cold or flu? Ayurveda has some simple remedies that. Detailed in this blog are some of them.

1. Salt water gargle: discard the betadine bottle. Replace it with warm water and salt gargle. The combination of warm water and salt can help reduce the swelling in the throat. It also helps loosen the mucus and flush out the irritants or bacteria.

2. Ginger Masala Tea: yes, that very tasty masala tea with a generous amount of ginger can help during a cold or flu. The hot tea soothes the throat and gives relief from the pain.

3. Turmeric Milk: Western practitioners of Ayurveda call it the Golden Milk. In a glass of warm milk add about 1/4th tsp of turmeric powder. (Pepper powder is optional). Turmeric helps get rid of phlegm from the body. Also because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties turmeric can help fight infections.

If you would like some sweetener for this remedy, use palm sugar instead of cane sugar. Palm sugar also helps relieve a sore throat.

4. Kadha/kashayam: A concentrated concoction of herbs that helps relieve throat pain and dissolve the phlegm. For a glass of water- add a few leaves of Tulsi, pepper powder and turmeric powder around ¼ tsp each. Boil and reduce the amount to half of the original quantity. This kadha can be kept for a day. And don’t forget to heat the kadha each time before drinking.

In Southern India, it is common to add a small piece of pounded sonth/dry ginger as well. Again, instead of cane sugar use palm sugar to sweeten the Kadha.

5. Ginger-Tulsi mixture: This remedy gives relief from the cough. Take about a tablespoon of ginger extract. Add crushed tulsi leaves and some honey to the mixture and drink it.

6. Ginger Lozenges: This remedy helps soothe the throat pain. Extremely simple to make and has a fresh taste. Wash and peel the ginger. Cut it into thin slices. Add black salt and squeeze some lime juice. Keep chewing on this through the day.

7. Honey in warm water: This remedy can help control the cough. Mix 2 tablespoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of lime juice. Add warm water and mix well. Sip on this beverage to get relief from cough.

8. Jatiphaladi Churna: If you are looking for relief from cough as well as need to manage your asthma or a respiratory disorder you should try Jatiphaladi churna. It is a cannabis-infused classical Ayurvedic formulation of nutmeg. This Churna is a powerful internal cleanser. Choose this authentic Ayurvedic churna from Vedi Herbals, who use the age-old formulas combined with quality ingredients.

9. Guduchi: Guduchi or Giloy is given a status equivalent to “Amrit” meaning nectar by Ayurvedic practitioners. It is an immunomodulator and is effective in fighting fever and infections. Guduchi can also boost the immunity thus preventing other diseases. Guduchi is available on the Vedi Herbals site.

10. Triphala Churna: Triphala Churna is one of the most popular Ayurvedic medicine that is even available in grocery stores these days. It is recommended that at the end of the cold or flu cycle, you should take Triphala to flush out toxins and works on maintaining a balance between the doshas. When you have had a case of aggravated Kapha which is common during colds/ flu, you should consume Triphala Tea before bedtime. But make sure that the formulation that you are consuming is pure and authentic, like in Vedi Triphala.

The dosage of the above-mentioned remedies (excluding ayurvedic supplements) is about 3-4 times in a day. These simple ayurvedic remedies are age-old and have natural ingredients at its core.

Also one need not have these only when you have a cold/bout of flu. These remedies can be taken regularly to keep the body healthy and improve its strength and resistance.

Practicing breathing exercises like Pranayam as well as Jal Neeti, strengthens your respiratory system and creates a harmony within the body as well as detoxifies the system. Correct breathing way and breathing techniques are the core of Yoga.

Get that edge over these seasonal illnesses. Follow these Ayurvedic tips and enjoy the monsoon!

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