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By Chiru Roy

Triphala for Weight Loss

Triphala, an ancient Ayurvedic formulation, is most commonly used as a home remedy for treating irregular bowel movements and digestion problems. A Sanskrit word, Triphala comes from, Tri meaning three and phala meaning fruit. So, Triphala is a combination of three fruits that have numerous health benefits and is one of the most versastile Herbal medicine.

What are its components?

Triphala is made of a combination of Amalaki (Amla), haritaki and Bibhitaki. Each one has its own benefits which are elaborated below:

Amalaki: Commonly known in India as Amla. This fruit is available in plenty in winter and is loaded with Vitamin C. This fruit also helps reduce cholesterol. Amalaki works well on Pitta Dosha.

Haritaki: Haritaki is also called the king of medicines because it has multiple healing properties. It is an anti-inflammatory and is believed to have positive effects on the heart and brain. It works well on Vata Dosha.

Bibhitaki: The third ingredient of the Triphala is known for its immunity boosting properties. It is also known as “one who keeps away diseases”. This fruit away removes the unwanted substances from our body. Some of them being fat or mucous. It is known to work best on Kapha dosha. The powders of these three wonder fruits are mixed either equally or in varying proportions depending on the need. One can consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to know what composition of Triphala will suit your needs.

Health Benefits of Triphala The health benefits of this powder are plentiful. The list can be exhaustive but let us look at some key ones:

1. Balances the Doshas: According to Ayurveda the human body is divided into three doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each governs and maintains the balance of parts of your body. Any imbalance in these doshas can lead to other ailments. Triphala helps maintain the balance of the doshas.

2. Cures indigestion and constipation: Any digestive issue can be taken care of by this powder. Triphla increases metabolism and aids digestion. This, in turn, regulates the bowel movement.

3. Boosts immunity: The powder has antioxidant properties, which helps increase the body’s immunity. Better immunity helps you to fight infections and fevers.

4. Anti-allergic: Triphala has proven to help people with allergies.

5. Helps with lifestyle/hereditary ailments: Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood pressure three ailments that we either inherit from our parents or contact due to bad lifestyles. Triphala can control blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and regulate lipids.

Triphala and Weight Loss Let us understand how Triphala can help in weight loss:

  • It has been mentioned earlier that Bibhitaki eliminates fat. This fruit helps in burning unwanted fat and eliminating it from our body.
  • Triphala improves digestion and increases metabolism. Some people gain weight due to poor metabolism and improper digestion. When these two important functions fall in place weight loss is a natural by-product.
  • An imbalance in the doshas in our body can also lead to weight issues. It is said that if you have more of the Kapha dosha it can lead to weight gain. We have read that Triphala helps in balancing the doshas. This helps in keeping our weight in check.

So, weight loss due to Triphala occurs because of it works on many areas of our body and not only because it burns fat. But, those aiming at weight loss also need to ensure that they exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. Please note that Triphala cannot replace the benefits of exercise and diet!

How does Triphala taste?

Triphala is a myriad of tastes. It can taste sweet, bitter, sour, pungent or astringent. There are claims that Triphala tastes different each time you take it. Some researchers also say that the taste that you get after ingesting Triphala is the taste that is missing in your diet. All said and done, Triphala is probably the only ayurvedic medicine that has so many tastes in it.

What is the best form of Triphala?

Of late Triphala is available in forms like Triphala tablets or capsules. However, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend the original form, i.e. Triphala churna or powder as the best form of Triphala.

What is the dosage?

Triphala can be taken with warm water or milk after food at night. However, we recommend that you also consult your ayurvedic practitioner. He will be able to guide you with the correct dosage based on your need.

Triphala Churna from Vedi Herbals

At Vedi, we aim to bring the innumerable benefits of Triphala to every household. Our Churna is prepared from the purest and authentic fruits that we harvest in the forests of India. Our ingredients are certified organic (from both USDA Organic and India Organic) and speak of our commitment towards standards, so that you can put your mind at rest about the chemicals and pesticide used these days. We also ensure that we mix only the best quality, seedless ingredients to offer you the most effective formula. Let us take the path to a healthier life with one small change: Adopt Triphala-the nectar of life!