No Make Up Look - Ayurveda Tips for Perfect Skin

Dec 04 , 2019

No Make Up Look - Ayurveda Tips for Perfect Skin

You want to look your best on Diwali. But don’t want to damage your skin by wearing makeup all day long. Makeup can cause breakouts and starts to wear out as the day goes by. The easy solution to radiant and flawless, celebrity-like skin is to have a healthy skin that glows from within.

Our rich tradition of Ayurveda believes that inner and outer beauty are interrelated. To get that perfect skin, the dhatus or body tissues must be nurtured. Proper diet is necessary for healthy tissues. But just the diet is not enough, nutrients from food should be absorbed and digested properly along with the excretion of waste. You need to nurture your body to maintain glowing, healthy and supple skin.

Skin acts as a mirror, that reflects all good and bad happening inside the body. The brain and the skin too are closely connected, with the massive neurologic and vascular network.

  1. Maintain the three Doshas

The skin care is guided by the dosha type. For perfect skin, body doshas must be balanced. First know and understand your skin type, guided as:

  • Vata Skin Type is generally light, dry, and cool. If you experience thin, flaky, delicate skin which feels cool, you probably have Vata skin. Keep your skin moistened at all times. Also keep your body hydrated, drink more water, have fruits, juices and avoid dry foods.
  • Pitta Skin Type is more fair or rosy in color and warm to the touch. If your skin is soft, have medium thickness, and feels warmer than normal, it indicates Pitta skin. Try to stay away from excessive heat and sunlight. Avoid hot, oily, spicy foods, rather eat foods of sweet, bitter and astringent tastes. Cool the body and skin.
  • Kapha Skin Type is cool to the touch and thicker. It feels soft, oily and smoother in comparison. Frequent and proper cleansing is required, avoid eating oily and heavy to digest foods. Also the food that have cooling effect should not be consumed during morning and evening hours.
  1. Digestive Fire

If “agni” or the digestive fire is healthy and balanced, both body and mind are peaceful and beautiful. Ama, or toxins, build up when agni is disturbed. When food is properly digested, all the nutrients from food are absorbed, while toxins and waste is secreted out of the system. The nourishment of tissues completely depends upon the state of digestive fire. Good digestion leads to healthy skin.

  1. Stay Calm

A composed calm mind plays a crucial role in skin rejuvenation. Practicing yoga and meditation calms the skin by decreasing the flow of neuropeptides, that makes skin less reactive.

  1. Diet

You are what you eat. Therefore, correct selection of diet is important. Ayurveda recommends a diet which has all six tastes, which in turn plays a role in homeostasis. Include the following in your diet: healthy, whole foods, seasonal, organic food and freshly prepared vegetarian diet. Embrace spices such as cumin, fenugreek, black pepper and turmeric to improve digestion.

Avoid canned, frozen, processed foods. Say no to fatty, fried foods, salt, sugar, seafood, and red meat. They may cause skin problems.

  1. Incompatible food combinations

There are some food combinations that hamper the digestive process and cause skin diseases. Avoid combining milk with banana, tulsi, black tea, green tea, fish and yogurt. Do not mix garlic and tea, don’t eat yoghurt and its combinations at night.

  1. The Art of Eating Food

Yes, it is an art to be learned and followed. There are some very simple rules-

  • Right quantity of food includes 50% solid foods, 25% water and the rest 25% should be left empty.
  • Eating when you are hungry, meaning the previous meal is digested.
  • Eat slowly and peacefully. Concentrate your thoughts on the food, and become aware of the tastes. Don’t watch mobile or TV while eating.
  • Each bite should be chewed 32 times before being swallowed. There are digestive enzymes in the mouth, which start the work before sending the food to stomach, thus maximizing digestive power.
  1. Protect your skin and maintain good hygiene

Avoid getting sunburn, as it damages the skin beyond complete repair. Also protect the skin against allergens, inflammations and toxic chemicals. Use organic products that are free from preservatives. If you feeling oiliness on skin, wash it with Natural lime and lemon castile soap, as it removes excessive oil from the skin leaving it fresh and clean. By using some prodigious Ayurveda products, you can make every day bathing an act to treat your skin. How?

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Are you ready for your ayurvedic skin makeover this Diwali?

It’s best to follow Ayurveda steps to heal your inner self and get outer glow. Refrain from using commercial beauty products, as they can harm the natural beauty. Stay aware of toxic truth about commercial beauty products.

Choose Ayurveda as your way of life!

Wishing you a Bright, Beautiful and Safe Diwali!