Liquid soap Vs Bar soap: How to choose

Liquid soap Vs Bar soap: How to choose

Liquid soap, bar soap, body wash or shower gel, the list of body cleanser types is exhausting and so is the debate between which one is better or right for you? Different body cleansers are manufactured using different soap making process with different ingredients and quality. This is what sets the soaps apart and should be the critical criteria when choosing the right soap for your skin type. Their forms like bar or liquid generally does not impact the skin type or results. However, they vary in certain ways and as a conscious consumer you should be aware of the various pros and cons of each option before buying.
Skincare It is touted that bar soaps dry the skin because they contain sodium hydroxide. Hence it is commonly believed that one shouldn’t use bar soaps on the face. However, the truth is that it all boils down to the ingredients, quality and process of soap you are using. Super fatted bar soaps are rather more hydrating than their counterparts. Soaps made by Vedi do not leave any sodium hydroxide behind at the end of saponification, so there is no way they will be not suit a certain skin type. Soaps bars and liquids made by Vedi are castile soaps that blends organic Olive Oil with nourishing castor, coconut and wildcrafted Hempseed oil for best skincare and hydration. All their soaps are free from parabens, alcohol, detergents, and petroleum-based derivatives, and suited even for the most sensitive skin. Verdict: Tie.
Exfoliation A common myth is that liquid soaps are better exfoliators because we use it with a loofah to scrub our body. However, that doesn’t stand true anymore because there are bar soaps with exfoliating particles in them are as effective or even better than a loofah. Also as we create lather by rubbing the soap bar on our body, it gently scrubs off impurities away to give a clean and luscious skin. Verdict: Tie.
Fragrance Often a cocktail of chemicals is hidden under the ingredient name - “Fragrance”. Lack of stringent laws allows manufacturers to add synthetic fragrance along with cancer causing toxins in the name of “trade secrets”. This is an important factor for consideration while choosing your soap. Watch out for soaps that add synthetic Fragrance in their soap. Both bar soaps and liquids are available with natural extracts like lemon and cedarwood to provide relaxing aroma along with healing properties. Vedi also offers fragrance-free liquid soap for individuals with sensitive skin. Their soaps are 100% vegan and natural. So, the Verdict: Tie.
Hygiene This is the oldest argument against bar soap. People believe that we transfer the bacteria to others when we share bar soaps. Truth- According to a 1998 study published in the journal Epidemiology and Infection concluded that little to no hazard exists in routine handwashing with previously used soap bars, that had been laced with bacteria. When people think that liquid soaps are safer, they generally forget one aspect. The loofahs and washcloths that we use can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. So, unless we clean them properly we stand at an equal risk. Verdict: Tie.
Ease of use Bar soap- remove use, stash away. But, hey my bar soap just slipped away from my hands! Liquid soap- pump on a loofah, Lather up and rub. Oops! I just pumped a little too hard and there is too much soap on the loofah! So, using either of the forms has its pros and cons! Verdict: Tie.
Travel Friendliness In my opinion, the liquid soap is more travel-friendly. One doesn’t need to worry about soap case and someone else touching your soap. Verdict: Liquid soap.
Cost-effectiveness This prime factor here is the cost of the product. But there are other points as well. While we may pump a little more of the liquid soap depleting the quantity sooner, a bar soap stands at the mercy of the shower water. Also, the water standing in a soap case can diminish its size even when you are not using it. But, yes, we do need to remember that the cost of liquid soaps increases as they need more packaging. So, with one con for each of them the verdict: Tie.
Eco-friendly The bar soap wins hands down because it often comes in an eco-friendly wrapper. Liquid soaps come in a plastic bottle which is not eco-friendly! Also, body washes have high water content which makes them heavier than bar soaps. This results in a significantly higher carbon footprint for transportation. So, when it comes to eco-friendliness the verdict: Bar soap. The Final Verdict It is difficult to pinpoint and say one is better than the other! It depends on your personal choice and which of these categories hold more importance for you. Understand what you want, test a few and go with your gut. Happy soap hunting!
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