Cannabis for Depression

Cannabis for Depression

There is a lot of stigmas associated with depression and thus we understand or talk very little about this disease. However, the fact remains that 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide. And believe it or not, India leads the world with most depressed people. Roughly 6.5% of the Indian population is said to be depressed.

Western science speaks a lot about depression. But, how does Ayurveda perceive this condition?  Are there any Ayurvedic medicines for depression? Does Cannabis help? If so in what form? Should we use Cannabis oil or buy Cannabis in some other form? And where can we buy Cannabis Medicines Online?

Similar questions have been asked by many of our patrons and this blog aims to answer all of them.

Ayurvedic definition of depression

A thesis on Shodhganga defines Vishada or depression as, “a state of low mood and aversion to activity that affects a person’s thought, behavior, feelings, and physical well-being.”

The Charaka Samhita, has described Vishada as a Mano Vikaras. Which means depression is a mental disorder. Ayurvedic books also say that “Vishado Rogavardhanaanaam Shreshtha”. This means depression increases the probability of being affected by other diseases too.

Depression and the Doshas

We know that the Doshas are the three pillars of Ayurveda. Most illnesses are caused by an imbalance in the Doshas. So, what is the relation between depression and the three Doshas?

Ayurveda believes that Vishada (depression) is caused primarily by the imbalance of Kapha Dosha. This vitiates the Vata Dosha and lastly, the Pitta Dosha is also vitiated. When the three Doshas are imbalanced it has an effect on the body’s functioning and can lead to depression.  Ayurveda has also classified depression as per the dominating Doshas.

Vata Vishada (Vata depression)-

This is caused when a person loses someone close or experiences loss. The loss of a parent, spouse, home or job can lead to Vata Vishada. The physical signs or symptom of Vata Vishada is emaciation or very weak.

Kapha Vishada (Kapha depression)-

This is caused when a person is over-attached to something or when he/she becomes stubborn, rigid and resists change. The symptoms of Kapha Vishada are laziness, lack of appetite, being socially withdrawn or hypersomnia (excessive sleep).

Pitta Vishada (Pitta depression)-

This is usually experienced when we fail to meet our own expectations. For example, when you fail a test, lose a job or go through a bad relationship, it could cause Pitta Vishada. Another major reason for Pitta Vishada is alcohol and drug abuse. People undergoing Pitta Vishada show symptoms of irritability and distress.

The three Gunas and Depression

It is essential to have a holistic approach while studying or understanding a medical condition. Along with Doshas, Ayurveda believes that the three Gunas also play an important role in determining an individual’s mental state. Ayurveda also calls the Gunas as Manasika Doshas which means Dosha associated with the mind.

So, what is Guna? Guna is the tendency, quality or state of mind of a person. There are three Gunas. Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Of these Sattva is the best and Tamas is at the bottom of the pyramid.


Hindu scriptures say that this is the Guna that one should aim to achieve. A Sattvik person is spiritual, free of any attachments (physical and material) and leads a simple life. This Guna creates harmony, balance, and stability in a person.


This is the tendency that most people have. A person with this Guna always strives to achieve more than what he has. It is a vicious cycle of desiring something, striving to achieve it and then when that is achieved you strive for something even bigger and better. In the short term, the Rajas Guna provides pleasure. However, in the long term, it can lead to pain and suffering.


A person with Tamasik tendencies is negative, dull, ignorant and lethargic. People with this Guna are also known to be engaged in destructive activities which is harmful to the body and soul.

As we know depression is associated with the mind, so depending on the Manasika Dosha one displays, it can be determined if you are depressed or have tendencies of being depressed. People with Sattva Guna will never be depressed. Though Rajas is fairly safe but overdoing it can make one tired and exhausted and Ayurvedic experts say that it can lead to depression. People displaying the Tamasik Guna are at high risk of getting into depression.

Research on Depression

The definition of depression in western countries is that it is a complex mood disorder which arises from hormonal imbalance.

All research on depression has been conducted in western countries. These researchers only study/ observe the effects of medicines on hormones and not on the Doshas or Gunas. Hence even when we talk about the effect of Cannabis on depression we will be talking about its effect on hormones and nervous system as that is the only data available.

Cannabis for Depression

Research has shown that Cannabis, i.e., Cannabis Sativa has a positive and curative effect on depression.

Cannabinoids act as a regulator of the hormones in our body, thus bringing about its balance, i.e., the state of homeostasis. It also helps generate new neurons, aids in the growth and development of nervous tissues and acts as an antidepressant.

Thus, the multiple effects of cannabinoids help fight depression effectively.

Cannabis in India

How to use Cannabis? As oil, a puff or a medicine. While the former two are easily available in developed countries, India has some authentic and reputed companies that manufacture Cannabis infused medicines.

Be sure that you buy 100% natural Cannabis products. We would highly recommend you to try

“Cannapain, Cannaflam & Cannaron Capsule/ oil” from Vedi Herbals. We encourage you to try one and understand what suits you by talking to our Ayurveda doctor.  Always start with a low dose of Cannabis medicine to understand its impact on your body.


Cannabis is a safe, natural medication for depression. Also, it has no serious side effects. Heal yourself naturally and gain Vijaya over Vishada!!

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