Ayurvedic Formulas to Fuel your Digestive Fire

In the Ayurveda belief system, the digestive system is the foundation of human health. It drives all normal and balanced experience and is also sensitive to events. If life’s problems, emotional or physical, are borne by one then that is a sign of good health as well as digestion. In life, health is equal to digestion and how well one digests or assimilates what is before him. The condition of health is guided by the theory of ‘Agni’. Read more about Everything you Need to know about Ayurveda in a 5-part series here.

Agni or digestive fire

Ayurveda describes digestion as a sacred fire in the belly that consumes the food we eat and transforms it into the elements of the body, mind and spirit. Hunger is a sign of blazing digestive fire. However, when the fire weakens the food is not assimilated properly and toxins start to accumulate in the body. Hence, the condition of the digestive fire determines the health of our entire being and poor digestion could be the beginning of diseases and disorders.

Classification of Agni

Agni is classified by Ayurveda into four types, depending on their strength. They can be spotted based on the symptoms that a person is exhibiting:

Tiksha Agni – Too hot and too erratic. This condition is commonly called acidity,revealed by sharp burning sensations.

Visham Agni – Too erratic. Is characterized by indigestion showing up as bloating of stomach, constipation, and gas.

MandagniAgni– Too slow and too dull. As the name would indicate, in this state, digestion is slow, and so is the appetite.

Sama Agni – Balanced Agni. One’s appetite is normal, backed up by a healthy gut and digestion. The ideal condition of health not requiring apples to keep doctors at bay.  

Ayurvedic Healing Formulas -  All disease is caused by ‘Ama' or a form of toxin produced through irregular metabolism. It's basically undigested food that clogs up bowels. Ama jams the intestines too and generally lets loose a lot of bedlam, even letting toxins into the bloodstream. There are certain Ayurvedic herbs with healing qualities and the ability to re-energize Agni.  

Bilvadi Churna

Bilvadi churna is one of the most effective natural formulation for restoring gut health and stimulating Agni. Infused with Cannabis, its daily dose canrejuvenate the immune system and restore body-mind coordination. Bilvadi Churn contains the following essential herbs that makes it so potent:

Bilva Fr. (Aegle marmelos) – Commonly known as ‘Bael”, keeps the intestines healthy and is also great for digestion.
Mocharasa Rt. (Salmalia malabarica): It is used in the treatment of bloody dysentery and diarrhea
Sunthi Rz. (Zingiber officinale): Known as“dried ginger” it cures stomach upsets and frequent nausea, apart of its use as a cooking agent
Bhang Lf. (Cannabis sativa): Containing medical cannabis or bhang, can cure dysentery, fever, and digestion
Dhataki Fl. (Woodfordia fruticose): It works as an effective anti-diarrheal agent and mitigates poison
Dhanyaka Fr. (Coriandrum sativum): Coriander, which is also used for garnishing food, is also effective in enabling digestion and curing fever
Saunf Fr. (Foeniculum Vulgare): The fibers present in this aromatic herb help to reduce the reabsorption of cholesterol in the body. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

Jatiphaladi Churna

Highly recommended in the treatment of gut health, Jatiphaladi Churna is a herbal formulation of highly effective ingredients such as:

Jatiphala Sd. (Myristica fragrans):  Nutmeg is a digestive tonic and useful for cough, asthma and much more.

Lavanga Fl.Bd. (Sygizium aromaticum): Also know as clove, it is used in cooking to work as a coolant for the stomach and is good for curing of morning sickness of pregnant women.

Ela Sd. (Elettaria cardamomum): It is effective in fighting digestive problems, including ulcers, has cancer-fighting compounds.

Patra (Tejapatra) Lf. (Cinnamomum tamala): Used as “tejpatta” in Indian cooking, it is also an antidote for stomach and intestinal disorders, asthma and other conditions.

Twak St.Bk. (Cinnamomum zeylanicum): Great for digestive, respiratory and gynecological benefits.

Nagakesara Stmn. (Mesua ferrea): A well-known ayurvedic element in the treatment of fever, stomach cleansing, urinary tract disorders, and vomiting. Karpura Sub.Ext (Cinnamomum camphora): Known to us as camphor, it is very useful for cough, hemorrhoids and itching skin.

Sweta Chandana Ht.Wd. (Santalum album): Commonly called Sandalwood, it is used for treating viral infections, inflammation, liver and gall bladder ailments.

Tagara Rt. (Valeriana wallichii): It acts as an appetizer, blocks abdominal pain, gas and bloating among other uses.

Amalaki Fr. (Emblica officinalis): It is great for treating diarrhea, dysentery and a whole lot more.


The most effective would be to try Vedi Herbals’ completely naturally formulated Churnas or herbal formulations for revitalizing your digestive fire. Along with this, we would suggest you follow your instincts or "gut feeling" when it comes to satisfying your digestive fires and go easy on those pangs.

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