Guggul – Ayurvedic Herb to Relieve Joint Pain Naturally

Guggul – Ayurvedic Herb to Relieve Joint Pain Naturally

It’s freezing across the country and is considered the worst time for people with pains and aches, as the cold aggravates all kinds of pains. So, what have you tried? Oil massage, pills, cold compress, warm water? Do, these give you long lasting relief? Am sure not. All these are just remedies for temporary relief.

Worry no more, Ayurveda has the perfect remedy. It works wonderfully especially for those who suffer from joint pain. The natural herb is called Guggul and research has proven its effectiveness and safety in the reduction of pain, stiffness and improving overall joint and bone function.

Guggul or Mukul Myrrh is a flowering plant that grows widely in the western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The name of this herb, Guggul translates into the one that protects from diseases.

So, which part of this tree is medicinal? To start with Guggul though called a “tree” is actually a flowering plant. The plant of Guggul has a fragrant resin which has immense medicinal value. There are many varieties of Guggul that are grown in India and each one has different uses. But, the biggest advantage with the Guggul resin is that it retains its medicinal value for as long as 20 years.

Guggul and its effect on Doshas

Guggul is a complex herb that has bitter, sweet, astringent, and pungent tastes in it. It is said that this herb can balance both Vata and Kapha doshas.

Benefits of Guggul

The guggul plant is used to treat many health conditions.

  • Guggul and the heart: A friend of the heart. Regular consumption of guggul can reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. It also purifies the blood and helps in eliminating the toxins from the blood.
  • Guggul and acne: oily skin and acne go hand-in-hand. People with such skin types are always looking for solutions to prevent acne. It has been seen that the guggul extract is very effective in treating acne and works very well on oily skin too.
  • Guggul and weight management: Ayurveda believes that weight gain happens due to excess Kapha in the body. Guggul with its pungent, bitter and astringent tastes helps eliminate Kapha from the body. It kindles the Agni or digestive juices and ensures proper digestion of food. With this dual action of eliminating Kapha and proper digestion, Guggul can help in weight management.

Guggul also helps in detoxifying the body and improving the immune system. However, Guggul is most sought after for the effect it has on joint pains. Let us understand this function more deeply.

Guggul and Joint Pain

So, how does this herb help in joint pains?

Guggul is very effective in reducing inflammation and pain caused by joint illnesses like arthritis. Ayurveda refers to arthritis as amavata. Which means that arthritis is nothing but the accumulation of Ama (Ama=toxins) and Vata in the joints. Guggul, as we know, is effective on the Vata Dosha. Also, it has a scraping quality because of which it scraps away the toxins in the joints thus helping it to get rid of the Ama.

Besides this Guggul also has the ability to lubricate and rejuvenate the tissues around the joints. This helps to promote their strength and movement.

So, is Guggul a proven remedy only from Ayurveda? No! Research has decoded the efficacy of Guggul. Scientists say that Guggul’s efficacy against joint pains is credited to a component called guggulsterone. According to modern science, a person gets joint pains and inflammation because the levels of certain protein complexes increase in our body. Guggulsterone helps in suppressing these protein complexes which has a direct and positive effect on reducing the inflammations and pain in the joints.

So, both Ayurveda and science has proven that Guggul is a very effective medicine for joint pains and inflammatory conditions. The next question one has is where to buy guggul and its dosage.

Buy Pure Guggul

Vedi Herbals manufacture Guggul tablets. These tablets contain the resin of the guggul tree and are available in the strength of 500mg. Dosage for guggul is one tablet twice a day. Vedi manufactures all its products from 100% natural and pure ingredients, that are sourced from the hinterlands of India.


Guggul has gained global popularity as an effective Ayurvedic medicine. However, rampant harvesting has endangered this species. This has also resulted in many people selling substandard products made from Guggul. Well, all is not grey and gloomy. There are individuals who have started Guggul farming because it is a way to save the tree and also has good returns on investment.

So, if you want to buy Guggul ensure that you buy it from a trusted source like Vedi for two reasons. First is that you are ensured of an authentic and original product. Secondly, Vedi ensures that their farmers grow as much Guggul as they harvest thus ensuring sustainable growth for the heroic herb.

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