Depression is an insidious illness that can disrupt many facets of an individual's life, whether social, personal, or professional. In modern-day society, many people are dealing with depression symptoms due to stress, pressure, and anxiety. It leads a person to lean on anti-depressants; however, they are very helpful, but they also bring along a number of side effects like weight loss or gain, sexual dysfunction, headaches, drowsiness, and sleep problems; this is why people and even therapists are now inclined towards natural alternatives like cannabis.Although the use of cannabis appears like a new-age remedy, it has had its vivid existence in Ayurveda for centuries. However, open debates are now bringing it back to the spotlight.

Why choose Vedi Herbals?

There are significant scientific reasons for how cannabis can help deal with depression; read this blog, Cannabis for Depression, to have a deeper insight into the same. At Vedi Herbals, we help you with a proper doctor consultation to reach the root cause of depression and prepare a workable regimen of medicines to help you through; our Cannapain andCannaron Capsule/ oil are much appreciated for use.