Step-By-Step Ayurveda Morning Ritual Guide for Balanced Day Ahead

Ayurveda emphasize that we should stay connected with nature, and make it a way of life to re-energize and rejuvenate your body.

There are few morning rituals that synchronize our body with nature’s rhythms, balance the doshas, and create self-discipline helping us jump-start the day.

The science of Ayurveda is ancient wisdom, that believes all living beings including plants and animals should follow a daily routine. Even if you feel, you are not a “morning person”, by following these simple morning routine recommendations, you’ll feel more grounded, energetic, and balanced all the day long. Follow the 9 rituals stepwise, as follows:

1.Early to rise

Ayurvedicphilosophy suggests rising early, ideally before 6:00 a.m., when Kapha time starts, and going to bed before 22:00 pm. You can gradually reach this time.Based on constitution, Vataprakriti people tend to be early risers, whereas Kaphaprakriti people are generally the ones who need an alarm.

2.Elimination first

During night, while resting, the body gets busy cleaning and sweeping the toxins into evacuation channels, to be cleared first thing in the morning.

  1. i) Empty your bladder to eliminate toxins and to give akick start to the digestive system. You will feel lot more relaxed, energetic and healthy if you’ve had a proper cleansing. If you need aid, you may use Triphla, to promote regular bowel movement.
  2. ii) Blow your nose to cleanse the channels in order to enhance oxygen intake.

iii) Scrap your tongue with a tongue scraper.Jihwaprakshalana, or tongue scrapinghelps clean the ‘ama’ deposition as it should not be reabsorbed in the body.

  1. iv) Oil pulling – Gargle oil in mouth and throat to pull bacteria and throw it out. You should take1 tablespoon of sesame, coconut, or olive oil in mouth for 60 seconds. Also known as Gandusha, it will result in reduced tartar buildup, clearer throat and healthier gums.

3.Splash water on face

Ayurveda recommends washing face and eyes seven times to wash away the night and welcome a new day. Seven is an auspicious number in Ayurveda as it represents the body’s chakras. Splashing cool water hydrates, helps balance the doshas, disperse heat and prepare the skin for the day’s challenges.


You may want to start your day with a refreshing drink, a fresh cup of Lemon, Honey and Ginger Tea. Please make sure, you don’t heat honey too high, otherwise it losesits nutrients, therefore, add raw honey after tea is prepared.


Abhyanga or massage with warm oil heals mind and body while toning the muscles and skin. Massaging your body daily with warm vata-pacifying oil soothes the entire nervous system, improves circulation and aids detoxification.

Warm sesame oil is prodigious for Vata constitution, especially in winters. Coconut has cooling properties, suits Pitta constitution and summer season. Massaging oil release toxins, lubricate joints, enters deep in our tissues and bones. Brahmi oil help stimulate the brain.

6.Time for Yoga and Pranayama

Mobilize all parts of body, followed by gentle Yoga Asanasto activate your body and for overall well-being. We have three states, physical, mental and spiritual; yoga helps to coordinate all the three attributes for a balanced development. Pranayama, or deep breathing, helps inhale more oxygen to different organs of the body.

7.Meditate and be still

Morning meditation have exceptional impact on the overall wellness, as it calms your mind by regulating cortisol, the stress hormone. It also helps reduce stress by increasing serotonin and feelings of anxiety.

8.Shower Time

By this time, oil is absorbed in body, your mind is calm, take bath to feel fresh for the day. Pitta constitutions should prefer bathing with cool water, while lukewarm water is more suited to Vata constitution, and a little hotter for the cool-natured Kapha constitution.

Ayurveda believes skin absorbs anything that is spread, so one should reduce the toxicity of body by avoiding products with artificial smells and synthetic chemicals, and try to opt for natural Ayurvedic soaps and shampoos. Lemon Castile Soap from Vedi herbals is a rich blend of organic coconut oil and hempseed oil with olive oil as the foundation. Its fragrance has a reinvigorating effect on the mind and body.

9.Feed Your Body

Break your night long fast with fruit, vegetable juice, nonfat yogurt, or grains. Eating warm, freshly prepared food at regular mealtimes is the key part of the Ayurvedic regimen. Choose a breakfast option that is appropriate for your constitution. Vata types are more suited to cooked foods, and Kapha types can have more of raw foods.

Last Words

Following these small rituals religiously will soon be a routine and won’t take much time. But, these tiny steps will surely take you a long way. 

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