Ingredient Spotlight: Cedarwood, The Tree of Gods

Ingredient Spotlight: Cedarwood, The Tree of Gods

Believe it or not, Cedarwood essential oil has antifungal, antiseptic, diuretic, antibacterial, antioxidant, astringent, pain killing and sedative properties. It can efficiently improve your skin by providing hydration, reducing signs of ageing and nourish it from within. Cedarwood is much sought after in the beauty industry because of its amazing profile. It has been traditionally used in Ayurveda since ages. It is called Daivadaru in Sanskrit. There is a connection the tree’s Indian and botanical name. Cedarwood trees in India is also Himalayan Cedar. In Hindu mythology the Himalayas is where the gods reside. Since the trees grow in the abode of gods it is called Daivadaru. Daiva-Gods and Daru-tree. The Sushruta Samhita an ancient Sanskrit text on medicine and surgery. This text forms the base of Ayurveda and was composed in the 1st millennium BCE. Which means that Daivadaru has been used for centuries to treat ailments. It is believed that the Himalayan Cedarwood oil was one of the first essential oils to ever be distilled. The cedarwood essential oil is was made by a process of steam distillation from the woods and leaves of the cedar trees. The same process is practiced even today. There has to be something special about the tree that it is being used for centuries. A Sanskrit Shloka explains the various uses of this celestial tree.
Daivadaaru Laghu Snigdhan
Tiktoshnan Katu Paakicha
Vibandhaadhmaana Shothaama
Tandraa Hikkaa Jvaraasrajit
Pramaiha Peenasa Shlaishma Kaasa
Kandoo Sameeranut
The meaning of the verse is:
Cedarwood is light, unctuous (oily or greasy) It is bitter and warm and can treat unpleasant taste after digestion It is good for curing flatulence, relieves the discomfort of bloating It works well on inflammation in our body due to toxins It is good for curing weariness, can get rid of persistent hiccups and can treat fevers It is a diuretic, can cure chronic sinusitis, treats cough and phlegm, and can treat skin conditions too. The verse makes it clear that cedarwood has a number of medicinal properties. This has highlighted the internal benefits of cedarwood. However, there are many beauty benefits of this wonder oil too. Let’s take a peek into some of them.
1. Natural antiseptic: Cedarwood is a natural antiseptic. If you have a small wound and fear infection apply some cedarwood oil on the affected area. It prevents infections by getting rid of germs and keeping the wound clean.
2. Cures Eczema: Eczema is a common skin disorder with symptoms of dry, red and itchy skin. The Cedarwood essential oil can be applied directly, used as a part of your skin lotion or soap or add a few drops in your bath water. It cures the inflammation, reduces skin peeling and treats the infection with its antifungal properties.
3. Kills Fungal infections: The Cedarwood oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. So, it can cure fungal infections like athlete’s foot and toenail infections
4. Prevents Acne: Using Cedarwood oil in your soap can treat and protect your skin from acne. It prevents clogging of your pores and prevents the entry of harmful particles and bacteria.
5. Tightens muscles: This oil has astringent properties. The use of cedarwood oil helps in tightening the skin and muscles. This makes the skin feel tighter and gives a feeling of firmness and fitness.
6. Acts as a Sedative: The Cedarwood essential oil is one of the best natural sedatives. The fragrance of the oil encourages the secretion of serotonin. Serotonin is converted to melatonin in the brain and this induces makes you feel calm and induces sleep.
7. Treats dry scalp: Cedarwood essential oil stimulates the scalp and increases circulation. This reduces the dryness and flakes on the scalp.
8. Reduces hair loss: As mentioned above the cedarwood essential oil increases circulation and can stimulate the hair follicles. This contributes to hair growth and reduces hair loss.
9. Smells wonderful: Even if you do not want to use cedarwood essential oil for any of the above-mentioned properties you can use it because it smells great! The scent of this oil is said to be delightful, balsamic and woody. The fragrance is pleasing when used in as an essential oil or even when uses in Castile soaps. The uses of cedarwood are even more, but one doesn’t want to make an exhaustive list so we limit to these few benefits. However, with so many benefits one shouldn’t be depriving oneself of the wonders of the oil from this celestial tree. Use it in the oil form or as a component in castile soaps but do use it and bestow your health with its multiple benefits. We at Vedi use Cedarwood in our Castile soaps. This is available in both bar and liquid forms. As cited the fragrance has a relaxing effect on our mind and body which is primarily why it is being used in our soaps. This soap also has earthy Patchouli in it which is natural deodorant. We promise you will come out feeling relaxed and smelling good after a bath with this delightful soap. Read on to know more about the Himalayan Cedarwood and Patchouli Castile Soap barand liquid Castile Soap.
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