How can Understanding Your Ayurvedic Dosha Type Revolutionize your Life

How can Understanding Your Ayurvedic Dosha Type Revolutionize your Life

समदोषः  समाग्निश्च समधातुमलक्रियः | प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमनाः स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते | The above quote from Sushruta Sutra means that an individual that maintains a balanced state of the five elements of the body (including dosha), proper digestion (agni), routinely excretion (mala kriya), happy state of soul (atma), satisfied senses (indriyan) and content mind (manas) is called a swasthya or healthy person. Ayurveda is the traditional healing science based on the principles of balancing our body and its systems using diet, exercise, lifestyle and herbal formulations if needed. There are certain terms like PanchaBhoota, Dosha, Prakriti, etc that are used very often in Ayurveda (Read more about them here). The most commonly used term is Dosha. But, do you know that knowing your Dosha type can help in spheres of your life beyond health as well? Sounds interesting? Read on.

Body-PanchaBhootasand Doshas

Ayurveda believes and teaches us that we are part of nature. It says that our body is a combination of the PanchaBhoota (5 elements) that are found in nature. The PanchaBhootas are Akash(space), Vayu (air), Jal(water), Agni (fire) and Prithvi(earth). So, what is Dosha? A Dosha is basically our constitution. Doshas are a combination of the PanchaBhootas that makes up our constitution. There are three types of Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. This blog talks in detail about the PanchaBhootas, and Doshas.

Prakriti and Vikruti

Prakriti means nature/natural. Vikruti means an imbalance. When you go to an Ayurvedic practitioner for healing, he analyses the Doshas in two ways- Prakuti, as in the Dosha that you were born with and Vikruti the Dosha imbalance that is currently there in your system. Why? For us to be in good health and harmony with nature we should be in the Prakrutik state or in the state of Dosha that we were born with.

Understanding your Doshas beyond Health

Zodiac signs, MBTI tests, and scores, career counselling are things of the new age? Did our ancestors depend on these or go to counselors for improving relationships or making choices in life? Never. All they did was to understand a person’s Prakruti or personality and that helped them in all spheres of life. So which areas of our life can be improved by knowing our PrakrutikDosha? Some of them are detailed below

Doshasfor Improving Relationships: Ayurvedic lifestyle experts are able to tell the personality traits of people with different Doshas. For example, a person with VataDosha is very creative but needs to be assured very often. Whereas a person with Pitta Dosha is confident, assertive and a great communicator too. So knowing such personality traits will definitely help in understanding the other person better and improving our relationships.

Helps in Deciding Activities: Like personalities, people with different Doshas prefer engaging in different activities. If you are the Kapha type you prefer the same routine every day and will not choose adrenaline rushing activities. But, if you are a Vata type you will seek thrill and change, and would be the exact opposite of Kapha in that way. Hence, if you know your Dosha type it makes choosing activities much easier.

Helps in Dressing up right: Ever worn a red coloured outfit and felt that something was not right? Probably your Prakruti Dosha is Pitta. Red is a big No for people with that Dosha. Choose cool colors like greens and blues and see how well your body and soul blends with the outfit. So, knowing your Dosha type can help you choose the right clothes too!

Choosing the Apt Career: As mentioned above each Dosha has its own traits. Does a desk job seem sedentary and boring? However, you are so used to that routine that you refuse to change it? You are definitely the Kapha type. People with this Dosha need to seek jobs that will keep them on the move and is stimulating for both the mind and body. Very often we are unaware of these qualities and end up choosing the wrong career. Hence, knowing your Dosha can help make the right career choice. One that will keep you interested in it for long as it aligns with your personality.

Choosing your Friend/Companion: We know that like poles in a magnet always repel. Similarly,is you are seeking companionship with a person with a similar Dosha, it may not last long. When there are similar energies, at times it is difficult to go on a long journey together. Hence, if you seek companionship with a person of another Doshas your energies may complement each other leading to a harmonious relationship. These are just a few areas where knowing your Dosha can help improve your life. Needless to say, it can help you make the right food choice, develop an exercise regime, and find a balance in our lives. Understanding your Dosha is simply invoking the inner wisdom and connecting with your body. Once this connect happens there is no stopping. So, know your Dosha and see your life revolutionize itself!

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