10 Habits that Make Dry Skin Worse in Winters

10 Habits that Make Dry Skin Worse in Winters

Itchy and dry skin can be very disappointing. And for those who are suffering from the condition of dehydrated and itchy skin, this season only aggravates it further. The media is filled with advertisements of products that claim to keep your skin soft and supple throughout these harsh months. But, before you fall for any of that check if you are guilty of these habits that could be the culprit for your dry skin worsening.

 Habit # 1 Not drinking enough water- The first step to a great complexion irrespective of the season is to be well hydrated. However, winter is a season where we do not feel very thirsty and water intake reduces. Insufficient water can result in drying of the skin.

Solution: Water intake per day should be at least 2-3 liters.

 Habit # 2 Taking hot showers- it is tempting to step into a hot shower during the cold winters. But hot water strips your skin of its natural oils.

Solution: Have a shower in lukewarm water instead and if possible finish with cold water. This will keep the natural oils intact and prevent drying.

 Habit # 3 Using soap- The best cleanser for your body? A bar of soap. Well, most of the commercially produced soaps have high pH content that can dry your skin.

Solution: Move over to gentle and nourishingCastile soaps. These soaps have organic oils like coconut, hempseed, olive and castor oil in its base. They do not dry your skin but keep the natural oils intact and help in replenishing it too.

 Habit # 4 Using fragranced products- Products with artificial fragrance,especially lotions and creams are a big attraction. But, did you know that these fragranced products are loaded with alcohol? The alcohol content in these products can irritate the dry skin and also be guilty of removing the natural oils.

Solution: Use fragrance-free products or products with the fragrance from essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, almond, jasmine. These oils have a naturally invigoratingsmelland will help in maintaining and improving the skin condition.

 Habit # 5 Using the wrong moisturizer: Most of us just pick a moisturizer off the shelf, unaware of the benefit or harm instigated by its ingredients. Overly heavy products can harm the skin instead of healing it.

Solution: Buy moisturizers that do not have harsh ingredients. A better option can be an organic body butter that effectively hydrates dry skin. They contain natural butter like mango, cocoa, shea along with oils like coconut oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil. Far from harming, these natural ingredients pamper your skin.

 Habit # 6 Applying products at the wrong time- Your skin condition will not improve by just using the right product. Time of application also plays a vital role. Applying your body care solution only when the skin is dry is like eating only when the body is starved.

Solution: Use your body care solutions regularly. Organic body care solutions are not very oily and can be used throughout the year. If your skin is already dry, then use your body care product soon after your shower when the skin is moist. It will help retain and lock the moisture.


 Habit # 7 Exfoliating too much- Dry skin leads to flakiness and the first response is to scrub away the flakes. Over exfoliation can irritate and dry out the skin further

Solution: Limit exfoliation to 1-2 times/week. Also, avoid using products that have grains or beads that can tear your skin.

 Habit # 8 Over washing-   This habit is more applicable to your face. Sometimes we wash our face often, wanting to get rid of the flakes that come with dry skin. While this may provide immediate relief to your dry skin, in the long run, this habit can be more harmful than beneficial.

Solution: Wash your skin thoroughly only once with soap. Over the day it is sufficient to wash with plain water (preferably cold) and pat dry it properly.

 Habit # 9 Keeping your home too warm/hot- The natural human instinct in cold seasons is to make the room warm. We shut windows and even use heaters. While this feels good it can harm your skin. A room that is too warm or hot can damage the skin and dry it further giving it an unpleasant appearance.

Solution: If possible turn down the warmth of the room a notch lower. This will not dry the skin further.

 Habit # 10 Inadequate sleep- Inadequate sleep and dry skin? Sounds bizarre. But did you know that when we sleep, our body rebalances hydration and moisturizes it. This, in turn, helps in maintaining pH levels and prevents drying of the skin. So, when you skip the sleep for other things, you are actually harming your skin.

Solution- Get that beauty sleep because it’s important for your skin. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours every day.

 So, are you guilty of any of these habits? It is not too late to make a change. Make some corrections to your skin care regimen and prevent your dry skin from worsening this winter.

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