India is the pain capital of the world; in the land of Ayurveda, we are still suffering at the hands of drugs that can result in kidney damage. We at Vedi Wellness Center are thus targeting pain in our research and development efforts.

Ayurvedic Approach

Ayurveda welcomes and accepts pain even when trying to relieve it. In Ayurveda, pain is a tool for getting your attention so that you can find the root cause of misery. If you step back and observe which of your activities are contributing to the problem, you can start to undo your pain naturally.

Ayurveda often utilizes cannabis to resolve pain issues; cannabinoids present in cannabis address chronic pain and produce analgesics by acting on multiple pain targets. Hemp or bhang is an excellent nerve pain-relieving substance; it is a great ayurvedic medicine for people suffering from lower back pain, knee pain, migraines, splitting headaches, and sciatic pain. In addition, hemp has many other forgotten benefits for managing autoimmune conditions like arthritis pain, insomnia, or even seasonal infections.

How do Vedi Wellness Centre help?

Our doctors at Vedi Wellness Centre will help you reach the root cause of your pain and suggest ayurvedic medicines for pain relief. We bring forth a range of medications like Cannapain, Cannapain+, Shallaki capsules, and Guggul tablets which are effective in treating stiff joints, joint pain, muscle cramps, and painful menses and are excellent substitutes for NSAIDs. If you wish to dive deeper and learn more about cannabis and its pain-relieving effects, read our blog Chronic Pain Relief: Top Reason for seeking Medical Cannabis.