Increases stamina. Enhances sex life

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A powerful combination of medicinal herbs, this cannabis-infused wonder is perfect to rekindle your sex life. Its strong aphrodisiac properties increases stamina, improves endurance and performance. This formulation is also perfect for sports persons and body builders as it has all the ingredients that help build muscles.

  • Enhances vitality vigour and increases stamina
  • Improve endurance and performance
  • As as aphrodisiac, it helps in building muscle strength.
  • Treats problems such as Premature ejaculation, Impotence, Erectile dysfunction and Loss of libido

Cannabidiol (THC & CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol, Saponin


Each 5g contains
Amalaki Fr. (Emblica officinalis): 43.83mg
Saindhava (Rock Salt): 43.83mg
Kustha Rt. (Saussurea lappa): 43.83mg
Katphala Bk. (Myrica esculenta): 43.83mg
Pippali Fr. (Piper longum): 43.83mg
Sunthi Rz. (Zingiber officinale): 43.83mg
Yavani Fr. (Trachyspermum ammi): 43.83mg
Ajamoda Sd. (Apium leptophyllum): 43.83mg
Yasthi madhu Rt. (Glycerrhiza glabra): 43.83mg
Jeeraka Sd. (Cuminum cyminum): 43.83mg
Krishna Jeeraka Sd. (Carum carvi): 43.83mg
Dhanyaka Fr.(Coriandrum sativum): 43.83mg
Karchura Rz.(Curcuma zeodaria): 43.83mg
Karkatashringi Gl. (Pistacia integerrima): 43.83mg
Vaca Rz. (Acorus calamus) : 43.83mg
Nagakeshara Stmn. (Mesua ferrea): 43.83mg
Talisha Patra Lf. (Abies webiana): 43.83mg
Ela Sd. (Elattaria cardamomum): 43.83mg
Twak St.Bk (Cinnamomum zeylanicum): 43.83mg
Patra Lf. (Cinnamomum tamala): 43.83mg
Maricha Fr. (Piper nigrum): 43.83mg
Haritaki Fr. (Terminalia chebula): 43.83mg
Bibhitaka Fr. (Terminalia belerica): 43.83mg
Bhanga Lf. (Cannabis Sativa): 1.01g
Karpura Sub.Ext. (Cinnamomum camphora): 43.83mg
Tila Churna Sd. (Sessamum indicum): 43.83mg
Sharkara (Cane Sugar): 2g
Madhu: 440mg
Ghrita: 440mg


DOSAGE: A sachet once a day with lukeworm water or milk after food or as directed by physician.


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