An alliance of Sustainability

The best way of doing business in today’s world is to ensure there is symbiotic growth. We believe in the evolution of the entire chain of activity: from sourcing the best herbs and oils to the testing of final products, every point is about shared experiences and enrichment. This gives the customer a quality and ethically sound experience. We procure the purest herbs, fruits and seeds from the salt of the earth at rates that ensure that communities of farmers, villagers and tribals engaged in the process, are benefited by functioning in a sustainable system.

What is fair trade?

Fair trade is everything that the conventional idea of business is not. It does not hinge on ever-increasing profits, because there is no such thing. Fair trade believes in a fruitful partnership between producers and traders, businesses and consumers.

In order for a business to be successful in today’s world, where environmental concerns are crucial, the producers must be able to cover their average costs of sustainable production. This keeps farmers and foragers safe, as it guards them against situations where the world market slides below the sustainable level.

Fair trade is a way of looking at a business as an entire organism, and not just as output. 

Authentic ancient knowledge

All Vedi Ayurvedic and cosmetic products are based on authentic ancient knowledge. Our team of researchers work with the classical formulations that have been mentioned in Ayurveda and by practitioners who are considered to be the luminaries of this ancient system of holistic wellness. 

Exploring the forest of wellness

It helps to collaborate with the people who live intimately with the land and forests. They reveal to us the secret ways of wellness that are lost to most of us today. For them it is a way of life, a cultural memory. Tribals across Odisha and the heartland of India and its villages have retained what we often term as ‘grandma’s recipes’, in its purest form. What they give you comes from their very hearts. And that is what we are sharing with you.

One with nature, with planet-loving products 

Every Vedi product, at its centre, is an ode to nature. After all, human beings are nature. You cannot live a healthy and happy life without respecting and abiding by the laws that guide and keep our eco-system in balance. Ayurveda is all about that. So, is the ancient Spanish recipe for cold-pressed castile soap, a 100% vegan product.


Organic is wisdom

Vedi believes the future is going to be organic.

Our Castile soaps are 90% Organic & 100% Natural.

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