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  • Toxic Truth about Commercial Beauty Products

    Headaches, hair problems, acne, skin allergies, eye infections, premature ageing, hormonal imbalance, cancer. The number of these complaints in the modern day has increased by many folds. We blame it to bad lifestyle, poor food habits and lack of exercise. However, we often ignore that the culprit can also be...

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  • Your Nature Determines Your Health

    The approach to healthy living in Ayurveda is all about what kind of energy you emanate. Ayurveda seeks to find the right food (which is actually your true medicine) based on certain characteristics that define your body type, which are known as doshas or the kind of energy that flows...

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  • Why we use hempseed oil in our castile soaps

    We are often asked why we opted for hempseed oil in our castile soaps. The reason is simple: it is really good for your skin. First of all, it comes from a plant (Cannabis sativa), which the Attarvaveda considers to be a crucial herb. Here is what you should know...

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  • A beautiful journey to Castile

    To understand what your skin really loves, you must go back to a bathing experience that started centuries back There are many soap advertisements where they talk about how good and soft it is for your skin. Truth be told, the likelihood of such information being misleading is high. Most...

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  • Ashwagandha: Welcome to the world of the adaptogen

    This superherb stress-buster is your umbrella against many problems There is a saying we heard many years ago: it is better to have one medicine for many ailments rather than many medicines for one disease. And Ashwagandha fits this bill. If you asked a science geek, here is what s/he...

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