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  • 10 Simple Ways to Live Ayurvedic Life

    Ayurveda is the consciousness-based approach to health, in every step of life, while you sleep, eat, go out in nature or work. Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayur means “life” and veda means “science” or “knowledge”. Ayurveda shows you the way of life to achieve and maintain a healthy...

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  • Gift your Mother-The natural way of body care

    It is that time of the year when you get a chance to celebrate the amazing and inspiring women in your life, “your mother”! But we understand it is not easy to choose a perfect gift - flowers, clothes, plants, perfume, a lunch date is all passé. Let’s think different...

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  • Liquid soap Vs Bar soap: How to choose

    Liquid soap, bar soap, body wash or shower gel, the list of body cleanser types is exhausting and so is the debate between which one is better or right for you? Different body cleansers are manufactured using different soap making process with different ingredients and quality. This is what sets...

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  • Natural Remedy to Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

    People are increasingly complaining about pain in knees, hips, hands or other joints throughout the body. This pain often has no apparent reason. This is an indication of arthritis, which is becoming a common problem worldwide. In simple words, Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints in a body...

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  • Triphala for Weight Loss

    Triphala, an ancient Ayurvedic formulation, is most commonly used as a home remedy for treating irregular bowel movements and digestion problems. A Sanskrit word, Triphala comes from, Tri meaning three and phala meaning fruit. So, Triphala is a combination of three fruits that have numerous health benefits and is one...

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