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  • 10 Effective Ayurveda Tips for Recovery from Cold and Flu this Monsoon

    Varsha Ritu (Monsoon) is when the parched lands are quenched by abundant showers. These are the months of growth and welcoming new life in nature. But monsoon also brings its own share of illnesses. Influenza and cold being the most common ones. It is in our nature to rush to...

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  • Enjoy an Ayurvedic Bath at Home

    Bath, simplistically speaking is cleansing your body with water. But a bath is also called a beauty bath! Ever thought why? In the ancient times, people took their bath very seriously. They used nourishing oils for their body and hair, because skin being the largest organ soaks a lot of...

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  • Complete Care Gift Ideas for your Sister - Rakhi Special

    Raksha Bandhan is a special festival for us Indians. A day when we celebrate the bond between brother and sister. The sanctity, respect, and love of this relation are renewed every year when a sister ties the sacred Rakhi to her brother. Your sister may be the teenage brat, a...

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  • Ayurvedic Secret to Happy and Healthy Heart

    A healthy heart is synonymous to a healthy life! This is common knowledge, yet we ignore our health, which adversely impacts our heart. India will soon be termed as heart disease capital of the world, due to the rapid increase in the number of cardiac problems among all age groups...

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  • How to Detox Naturally in Monsoon

    Detoxifying your body is like taking it on a spiritual journey- Anonymous We often hear the word Detox. Sounds like a new trend for the health conscious ones. But, you are far from being right. Detox has been prescribed in our ayurvedic scriptures and has been a part of the...

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