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  • Everything You Need to Know about Ayurveda (Part-2)

    In the Part-1 we learnt about the brief history, principles and qualities of Ayurveda. In this part we focus on learning the most important concept of Doshas. So let’s dive right in. Human interaction with the outer world is dictated by our five senses, known as the five organs of...

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  • Natural Colon Cleanse – Easy Home Remedies

    The human body is an intriguing structure. The number of organs within the body and the intricate role that each one plays in its functioning is nothing short of a miracle. We regularly take care of the visible parts of the body but the invisible heroes get attention only when...

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  • 10 Habits that Make Dry Skin Worse in Winters

    Itchy and dry skin can be very disappointing. And for those who are suffering from the condition of dehydrated and itchy skin, this season only aggravates it further. The media is filled with advertisements of products that claim to keep your skin soft and supple throughout these harsh months. But...

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  • Guggul – Ayurvedic Herb to Relieve Joint Pain Naturally

    Guggul – Ayurvedic Herb to Relieve Joint Pain Naturally It’s freezing across the country and is considered the worst time for people with pains and aches, as the cold aggravates all kinds of pains. So, what have you tried? Oil massage, pills, cold compress, warm water? Do, these give you...

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  • Healthy Ayurveda Tips for Kapha Season

    Healthy Ayurveda Tips for Kapha Season Doshas- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, each plays an important role in our body. According to Ayurveda, their presence is as important as oxygen in our body. However, maintaining a balance is the key to a healthy body and mind. So, how is the dosha...

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