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  • Managing Nausea and Vomiting with Cannabis

    Medical Cannabis has gained widespread acceptance now in clinical settings. The amazing properties of this natural herb effectively reduces symptoms and eases pain related to various ailments, including the attenuation of nausea and vomiting, is the reason for its popularity. The therapeutic benefits of Cannabis are the result of the...

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  • Maintaining Healthy Weight Using Ayurveda

    The world around us is buzzing with weight loss and related diets. There is a considerable populace that wants to reach the ideal weight for a healthy life. At this point let us understand that maintaining a healthy weight doesn't focus on weight loss alone. It also means gaining weight...

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  • Saubhagya sunthi Khanda for Post-Natal Mother care

    Are you a new mother looking for Ayurvedic postpartum medicines? Are you suffering from vitiated Vata post delivery? Are you feeling weak after delivery? Worried about infrequent or insufficient breast milk production? Facing digestive issues post delivery? Then, Vedi’s Saubhagyasunthi Khanda could be the answer to your woes. This classical...

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  • Ayurvedic Perspective on Caffeine and Alternatives

    Worldwide a considerable populace is addicted to caffeine and caffeinated beverages, such as tea, coffee, chocolate and energy drinks. So what does Ayurveda the 5000-year-old ancient medical science say about our beloved caffeine based beverages? Is it good for our health? We try to explore these facts in this blog...

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  • Understanding Optimal Cannabis Dosing

    While Cannabis is trending rapidly, there are a lot of lesser known facts in terms of its potency, dosage, and therapeutic use. In the field of medicine, the right dosage makes all the difference. Dosage is the vital factor that can help reap maximum benefits with minimal side effects of...

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